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The Silicon Valley is full of extraordinary entrepreneurs and startup companies. Some of the biggest tech companies we are familiar with today started in the heart of the Bay Area. However, there are a select few organizations and companies that started with the intent of creating tangible change. Instead of following the increasing trend of for-profit tech companies, A.L.L.I.E.S Pro Services started with the goal of serving as a social, mobile, mission-oriented organization.

Joel Ojeda Ramirez

As Founder of A.L.L.I.E.S Pro Services my mission statement is to assist people, specifically marginalized people of color, gain skills through professional and personal development to bridge the gap of opportunities in the workforce, diversify our businesses, and serve as a space where minorities feel uplifted; with the intent of creating tangible change in our communities. I have experience Job Developing and assisting consumers to find a job or career where they feel they can succeed for the last 4 years for other organizations and companies before venturing off on my own.

I started out as a kid who had arrived from Mexico, where I had lived until the age of five in a rural town. My work ethic and motivation stems from my upbringings of being a low income person of color navigating white dominant spaces. Presently, I am just trying to fulfill and accomplish the DREAM I came here to pursue in the first place. My hard work can be traced back to the age of 15 where I had to pick up extensive jobs to provide and help my family, and have worked different types of jobs since then.

My interest in people of different abilities, human behavior and the thought processes, mental illnesses and development of mental health led me to pursue my B.A. in Psychology, but my passion and interest for Entrepreneurship pushed me towards pursuing a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation -- projected to graduate in 2022. I am passionate about these subjects, and work hard towards achieving my goals. I enjoy working on team projects and often naturally fall as a leader of many projects because I have a strong capacity for public speaking, multi-tasking and managing projects under tight deadlines.

When I’m not on the job, I love hiking, spending time with my dogs, spending time with my family, or staying active at the gym.

I am known to be a very well rounded individual with a strong work ethic. Very independent. Passionate. And flexible.

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We look to not only assist professionals in obtaining their first job or starting their career, but also advocate for highly qualified, experienced leaders searching for management positions in reputable companies. Additionally, we look to partner with companies and institutions looking for equipped candidates and help identify creative solutions that address their hiring needs, ultimately creating a pipeline for dependable potential employees. Providing a pool of qualified applicants and an untapped labor source of pre-screened applications can reduce costs of advertising while recruiting dependable workers.

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We work towards ensuring that departments and businesses hire a skillful, trained workforce that better reflects the diversity of our community. Our marginalized members of society should be represented in the innovation economy and obtain leading positions for which they are qualified for.


We are based out of Santa Cruz, CA but partner with businesses, agencies and job networks from around the nation.

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