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WIOA Program

Employment Specialists will work one-on-one with consumers to provide customized information and resources on current labor market information, job listings, career guidance, and Career Services to job seekers in the East Bay Area. They will also support consumers in reviewing options and assessing their interests and skills if they are interested in exploring a new career, at no cost for the consumer. 

*Approval of services will be determined on an individual basis.* 

Must be enrolled in the WIOA program to request/receive access to these services. Contact us to for eligibility requirements.

Individual Career Services

Finding employment can be tedious, overwhelming, and scary at times. We're here to support you. Through our Career Services, our Employment Specialists, want to be there with our clients every step of the job search process to get them where they want to be: a Job Ready Resume, exceptional Interviewing Skills, fitting Job Leads, and helping them along their career journey.

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*On-Site Job Coaching Avalaible as well after placement.

Job Coaching

We offer Job Coaching as a stand alone service as well. We have several trained Job Coaches ready to go.

Job Coaches assist clients with tasks involved with the hiring process, including: filling out onboarding paperwork, scheduling shifts, and gaining access to employee portals. They will go through orientation and training with them, learn alongside them to ensure they transition into the job smoothly, and support with work related tasks. They serve as a liaison between the client and their employer to ensure they receive all necessary accommodations.


Are you a business or organization with consumers seeking career assistance? Or maybe a business or organization with positions to fill? Lets talk.

Employment Services

Provide specialized Employment Services to your company or organization’s consumers, with extensive experience serving job seekers from diverse backgrounds and disabilities in all of Bay Area (i.e. autism spectrum, chronic illness, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health, and all others). Services include Intake, Employment Preperation Services, Job Placement, and Retention.

*Services offered both in bundle or separately.

Employee Referral

We look to partner with companies and institutions looking for equipped candidates. We not only can help identify creative solutions that address your hiring needs, but we can also provide a pool of qualified applicants — ultimately creating a pipeline for dependable potential employees. Providing a pool of qualified applicants and an untapped labor source of pre-screened applications can reduce costs of advertising and recruiting, while acquiring dependable workers.


Provide a go-to consultant and resource for the client to have access to information, training, and workshops pertaining to Professional Development and Career Services. Render expert opinions, presentations, analysis, and recommendations to clients based on our consultant’s expertise in Professional Development and Employment/Career Services. Consultant will also serve as an objective troubleshooter and provide strategies and support to client's staff. 


Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business owners.

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Community Partners